Life Coaching

  • At Leon Springs Counseling & Life Coaching, Christine Hefel, Quincy King and Tracy Carter, Professional Life Coaches, offer an interactive, motivational program designed to aid clients in identifying core life desires, authentic talents and inner strengths.

  • Clients are taught ways of developing positive patterns of thought, feelings, and behavior that bring success, balance, and fulfillment into their lives. Obstacles that may have impeded past successes are identified and extinguished.

  • Christine, Quincy and Tracy not only help clients achieve their immediate goals and ambitions, but teach skills that will enable them to continue to experience success long after coaching ends.


Academic Success

Promotions/Career Advancement

Financial Issues

Couples and Marital

Child Behavioral Problems

Child School/Learning Problems

Adolescent Problems

Improved Communication

Life Fulfillment

Weight Loss

Sex Therapy

Sports and Fitness

Parenting Coaching

Disease Management

Multi-cultural Couples

Multi-ethnic Couples

Pain Management

Personal Growth

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Women's Menopause

Midlife Issues

Men's Topics

Infertility and Adoption

Attention Deficit Disorder

Motivational Training

Step Parenting

Blended Families

Divorce Recovery

Anger Management



Challenge Courses